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He pleads for a wider understanding that includes all talks between theologians of different confessions that aimed to solve theological disagreements, because a narrowed understanding that rejects the term for any colloquies after 1630 simplifies the multifaceted political and religious problems involved.
Just imagine the Colloquies written in the racy Dutch of the sixteenth century
By the time he wrote his Colloquies, Southey had homed in on perhaps the most durable critique of capitalism, the aesthetic.
Anglo-Saxon Conversations: The Colloquies of AElfric Bata.
Kuhaupt defines the goal of his study as threefold: to reveal the conditions under which the new evangelical understanding of the church was shaped and publicly articulated in the initial years of formal religious colloquies between evangelical theologians and their Roman Catholic counterparts (1538-41), to place this process in its larger context within the history of the German empire, and to examine the ecclesiastical-political developments from the standpoint of the use of the medium of print (15).
The worthy Benton Foundation, funded by the equally worthy Kellogg Foundation, has produced a report on the future of libraries (not explicitly restricted to public libraries but clearly to be read as such) based on interviews with "library leaders," public opinion surveys, and colloquies to consider both.
President, again, I was hoping we might get into these kinds of colloquies on the floor.
The adages and the colloquies, both represented here, were largely (in the case of the adages) or wholly (in the case of the colloquies) the products of his middle and later life.
He further might have mentioned the use of mathematics in gunnery, as described at great length in such a work as Niccolo Tartaglia's Three Books of Colloquies Concerning the Arte of Shooting Artillerie (translated by Cyprian Lucar), entered in the Stationers' Register on 30 October 1587 and published in the year of the attempted Armada invasion.
Pastoral convenings are characteristically occasions for songs and colloquies that express and thereby seek to redress separation, absence, or loss" (81).
In colloquies with a Beggar, Servant, Butcher, Fortune-teller, and Gondolier, the Filosofo learns of the many hidden joys and "tricks of the trade" in the professional culture of the lower orders.