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The lack of what was considered to be a legitimate war in the colonies and the arbitrary fluidity in the movement from colony to country also meant that 'peace' was not a concept that developed 'post' colonially.
The Arab revolutions are breaking down the colonially induced barriers among the Arabs as the common enemy to all is being identified as Israel, supported by the US and all the corrupt regimes that dance to the American and Israeli tunes
No major language comes close to this group of colonially and imperially expanded languages for political recognition, domain, and institutional spread, and although several share official status with other languages, (such as Irish, Maori, and Swahili) their pervasive presence reduces, if not removes, state backing for other languages.
Colonially based economic growth and preferential legal codes privileging non-Egyptians attracted large numbers of European and Levantine (the Egyptians call them Shawwam, meaning Christians and Jews from Greater Syria) merchants, investors, and adventurers, who settled in the city and sought their fortunes there.
Kyeongil Jung, has assembled an amazing chorus of Union voices (24) from the past who have recognized, understandably in the Euro-centric and colonially tinged language of their time, the need to include the study of other religions in the theological enterprise of Union.
it remained possible always to discern a residual strain of elitism [which was] a function of their colonially and neocolonially induced alienation from the working classes of their own society".
The development of modern art in the South initially happened at Madras/Chennai since it had the colonially established Madras School of Arts and Crafts.
The colonially rooted causes of Africans' criminal lifestyles and their responses to them underpin cinematographic representations in the world of Yizo Yizo.
Perhaps true knowledge of the other can only be hallucinated, for any epistemologically grounded assessment of otherly knowledge is irremediably colonially framed.
Aristotle may embody Alexie's own queer need to deconstruct stark separations of gay and straight sexuality that are colonially imposed upon traditional Spokane gender systems.
When she is asked through the translator to denounce her actions, she slaps her colonially educated grand-daughter N'deye Touti for urging her to apologize to the Hadji, her brother.
Black-tailed prairie dogs (Cynomys ludovicianus) are burrowing ground squirrels that live colonially in grassland habitats from southern Canada into northern Mexico.