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It is exactly these types of issues the creators of Colonize This
It is applied beneath the plant canopy, where it competes against its aflatoxin-producing cousins, which generally colonize plants that are stressed by drought conditions.
Hundreds of years and hundreds of light-years from Earth, Matthew Fleury is awakened from cold sleep to help colonize the new clone-Earth world called Ararat.
There are very few people now who would say that a man should go to war to colonize another nation - not only people like me, and not just because I'm Indian.
It tells the story of the rise of early civilizations and asks why some peoples got a headstart over others, enabling them to colonize other territories.
Sphagnum moss is remarkable for its thirst and its ability to colonize shallow acidic ponds.
A knockout mouse lacking loricrin in its skin cells allowed fewer bacterial cells to colonize its nasal passages than a normal mouse.
CA-MRSA strains often colonize children without healthcare-associated risk factors.
Suppressing stomach acid while taking antibiotics may allow antibiotic-resistant bacteria to colonize the intestines, a study shows.
Malls have already colonized our countryside; let's not let them colonize our brains.
The ability of these fungi to colonize and confer stress tolerance, as well as increased seed yields and root systems in rice - a genetically unrelated plant species from the native plants from which the fungi were isolated-suggests that the fungi may be useful in adapting plants to drought, salt and temperature stressors predicted to worsen in future years due to climate change," Rodriguez explained.