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A generational strategy, familiar to students of Latin American peasants, also existed by which single, young adult free coloreds from rural families left home to seek their fortune in urban areas and, if successful, they then married and returned to the countryside.
The end of King's book would also seem to demand a political narrative as a sequel: How did these free colored elites respond to the revolutionary process in both metropolis and colony?
3) To what extent did the Christianization of the slaves and free people of color help create a common creole culture, or did the persistence of African religion among the oppressed, and the allegiance of the free colored to the European missionary chapels, maintain "Two Jamaicas,"(4) or even Three Jamaicas, in a state of continuing conflict?
Nothing big-time or anything like that, just an ordinary colored fellow doing the best I can with the best I've got.
The premise of The Colored Museum involves exhibiting culturally specific characters, situations, and behaviors with the goal of having African Americans evaluate them to determine which are assets and which are detrimental to our progress.