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Torrey, Our Bible: How We Got It and Ten Reasons Why I Believe the Bible Is the Word of God (Chicago, IL: The Bible Institute Colportage Association, 1898).
The adaptation of colportage to every class and condition of our varied population" had the effect of making the population appear as a naturally given entity.
e] siecles)', in Colportage et lecture populaire: Imprimes de large circulation em Europe [XV.
They peaked again after the introduction of universal manhood suffrage during the Second Republic, when the Second Empire severely restricted colportage, the system whereby itinerant peddlers sold cheap chapbooks in rural areas.
Mettre fin au colportage de derriere en ce qui concerne les droits relatifs a la sante sexuelle
COLPORTAGE III IS A COLLECTION of very short texts, many of which have appeared elsewhere as prefaces or short essays, all concerned in some sense with visual representation and frequently accompanied by reproductions of paintings.
In one of the most remarkable histories of confrontational litigation by a religious minority, the Jehovah's Witnesses argued over fifty cases before the Supreme Court, around issues including flag-saluting, colportage, and conscientious objection.
L'article de Catherine Servan-Schreiber interroge le rapport entre les musiques de rue et la vente, aux etals ou sur le trottoir, des petits livrets de colportage qui renferment les paroles des chanteurs.
My father taught industrial arts to male youths who had been orphaned by the great famine of 1896-99, and my mother worked with Bible women engaged in grassroots colportage and evangelism.
179-80; Curto, 'Litteratures de large circulation au Portugal (XVIe-XVIIIe siecles)', in Colportage et Lecture Populaire: imprimes de large circulation en Europe, ed.
As the head of the Moody Bible Institute's Bible Institute Colportage Association, he immediately put together a plan.
Colportage has been an evangelistic method that opened the way for the presence of missionaries themselves.