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At the beginning of the 20th century, the historic Protestant churches that worked in Latin America approached their evangelism efforts through education programs, health posts and supporting bible colportage work.
L'autre type emprunte les reseaux du colportage et nourrit une vaste production d'imprimes a bas prix: recits de faits divers portes par une multitude d'<<occasionnels>>, de canards et de broadsheets, biographies romancees de criminels, relations d'execution capitale.
In reality, livres de colportage had long circulated in rural areas, and reading aloud had even infiltrated some fireside veillees, which could introduce written stories to oral circulation (Agulhon 53-57; de Certeau 45-72).
Torrey, Difficulties and Alleged Errors and Contradictions in the Bible (Chicago, IL: The Bible Institute Colportage Association, 1907), 29-32.
Mendenhall, Law and Covenant in Israel and the Ancient Near East (Pittsburgh, PA: Presbyterian Board of Colportage of Western Pennsylvania, 1955).
Although Lazarillo was hot among the novels published by the printers in Troyes, Chartier nonetheless signals its specific influence on much of the French literature of roguery which formed an important part of the inventory common to colportage (265-67).
Ils font entre autres du colportage, des predications en plein air et a la radio, et distribuent des traites et des Bibles.
Building on its network of local distributors, ATS instituted the colportage system in order to keep pace with the "rapid increase of our population.
Where the novel aspires to Milton's baroque pathos, it is prone to tilt into the bathos of melodramatic colportage.
Les commercants senegalais investissent tous les creneaux de l'economie formelle et informelle : de la vente a la sauvette au colportage, en passant par le commerce sedentaire et l'import-export.
La influencia de la llamada -en Espana- Literatura de Cordel y -en Francia- de colportage ha resultado muchas veces decisiva para que un asunto concreto se mantuviera en la memoria colectiva, o para que lo hiciera de una determinada manera, de acuerdo con un modelo ya fijado que era el que alcanzaba mayor divulgacion.
Colportage is an apt description for an economy Gavarini continually and skillfully employs in her art.