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At sunset on December 11, 2009, before a freezing crowd and hundreds of commuters passing by, Cai Guo-Qiang ignited a fifty-foot-tall flower made from a gunpowder fuse that he had suspended on the Philadelphia Museum of Art's columned facade.
The sitting room once again has exposed beamed ceiling, brick and stone recessed fireplace with multi fuel stove on a slate hearth, antique figured cast iron columned radiator and sash window to the front.
Also missing are rounded tops to the dome's towers, which were taken down in the 1960s, and wing columned arcades which were used as tea galleries.
A fourth, smaller gallery focuses on 'The Architect's Mind' Palladio's having been well honed by patrons whose combined intellects aided his mastery of classical architecture, and with whom he collaborated effectively, with art, to produce the symmetrical, elegantly columned frontages, topped by triangular pediments, with which his architecture is synonymous.
The white columned Lincoln Memorial, with its imposing statue of the slain president who abolished slavery, shone against steely-grey winter skies as performers paid tribute to the incoming president and his vice president elect Joe Biden.
Presiding on a columned plinth overlooking the square is the lion of St Mark flanked by a bevy of sculpted saints that fill niches and animate the skyline.
The New York Stock Exchange's columned neo-Classical building is as instantly recognizable as the ceremonial ringing of the opening and closing bells, its floor brokers the embodiment of the frenzied pace of the market.
MUNICH IS A CITY CONSTANTLY IN DIALOGUE WITH ITS PAST, not least on the Max-Joseph-Platz, where the columned facade of the Nationaltheater speaks of tradition while the stage behind it plays host to productions many opera-goers in North America would regard as outrageously modern.
CPA Jim Metzler, AICPA vice-president for small firm interests, worked with "mechanical pencils, a giant nine--key adding machine, columned pads and colored pencils" when he joined the profession in 1970.
Researchers also excavated, from beneath about a meter of sand, remnants of a large columned building that may have been the political and economic center of the community, says Ryz Evangelista, a geophysicist who studied the site and now works for the resource-exploration company WMC Resources in Belmont, Western Australia.
The excavated parts included part of an external wall and a reception area in the form of a columned hall, apparently situated in the central axis of the complex.
We see Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home with its domed and columned designs and the University of Virginia.