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Mushahidullah said that young columnists should make thorough study of historical events to enhance their knowledge, saying that only knowledge-based writing could attract the readers.
New York Times columnists John Tierney and Paul Krugman weigh in on Wal-Mart and its impact on America.
Original essays on race and other issues by the high-profile, syndicated columnist for The Chicago Tribune.
Needless to say, the New York Times education columnist did not mention Klein's memo.
Peter Brookes, Heritage Foundation, columnist, New York Post
John Aldridge ECHO columnist, Radio City and Sky pundit.
When the professor writes a second column using the character, the editor asks who the person is, and the columnist explains.
Write your local paper to express your appreciation for the pro-life columnist it features: let the editors know that you look forward to reading this columnist's writing.
After all, as a columnist for New York Newsday in the 1990s, I was accused of gay "neocon"-ing and movement bashing myself, especially when I called for the closing of sex clubs that didn't strictly enforce safer sex.
Andy Rooney, syndicated columnist and "60 Minutes" commentator, Feb.
Big-name changes at New York's Daily News: Former Daily News columnist and editor in chief Pete Hamill returns, this time as columnist and correspondent; columnist Jim Dwyer jumps to a reporting slot at the New York Times; and the editorial page gets a nonjournalist editor.
Capitalism is falling apart," emotes the Los Angeles Times' left-wing columnist Robert Scheer, who references California's power problems as exhibit A.