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The event was attended by known columnists Mazhar Barlas, President CCP Mohammad Tabasum, General Secretary CCP Faisal Alvi, Founder Chairman Ghazi Alvi, Khadija Zarin, Engineer Asghar Hayat, Babar Abbas and a number of senior and young columnists.
The investigation of the two columnists was reportedly launched after complaints from 1,280 individuals.
Paul Krugman is a columnist on the Op-Ed page of The New York Times.
A bright and witty veteran columnist for The Daily News of Philadelphia shares his work in this collection.
Now that I edit the type of publication that serves as a feeder for major newspapers and magazines in search of columnists, I've seen plenty to convince me that self-selection is a major reason that women's voices are generally absent from our pages--I can count on one hand the number of pitches I have received from women.
95 monthly and provides exclusive online access to the Op-Ed columnists and select Business, Metro and Sports columnists of The New York Times and the International Herald Tribune.
TimesSelect provides our readers with unique access to some of the newspaper's most influential and popular columnists as well as a way for members to communicate with the columnists.
Mellon Auditorium featuring the announcement of the winners of THE WEEK's Second Annual Opinion Awards in four categories: Columnist of the Year, Single Issue Advocate of the Year, Editorial Cartoonist of the Year and Blogger of the Year.
AJC Sports Plus's allows sports fans to enjoy up-to-the-minute weblogs (also known as "blogs") written by AJC reporters and columnists covering the Atlanta Braves and other sports teams, and a unique opportunity to talk back to AJC reporters, columnists and other sports fans.
Nasdaq:MKTW), a leading multimedia publisher of business news and provider of financial information and analytical tools, announced today that it has hired veteran financial journalist Herb Greenberg as a senior columnist for its award-winning business news service, CBS MarketWatch.
But even political columnists are bound by ordinary rules of inference and logic, and it is on this score that her book fails even more spectacularly.
THE SITUATION: A high-school history teacher working as a freelance columnist at a small newspaper invents an imaginary colleague to debate in a column.