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Two studies indicated that approximately 40% of comatose patients with the bilateral presence of the N20 response failed to regain consciousness [sup][13],[14] (Evidence Class I and III).
He was in a comatose state caused by a severe asthma attack.
Among the highlights of the text is the complete coverage of all aspects of care of comatose patients.
In August 2000, a 54-year-old comatose man was admitted to our infectious diseases department with a 10-day history of fever.
The patient remains comatose at a nursing home in Kentucky.
And then there is the all-out insanity rider who does nothing but insanely extreme maneuver after maneuver, mixed with perfect split-second sketch landings--this guy is on a kamikaze autopilot, comatose to the fact that he has just pulled off every move in the book but even twice as radical.
The EEA hasn't been comatose, but since March 2000, EEA activity has publicly surfaced in only a couple of dozen cases.
But true justice would only have been served with a similar suspension for the comatose Graham Poll.
Talk to Her tells the story of travel writer Marco (Dario Grandinetti), who forms an unusual friendship with nurse Benigno (Javier Camara) when their respective girlfriends are comatose in the same hospital.
In Almodovar's fifteenth feature since 1980, he not only has two comatose female leads and the sympathetic depiction of a rapist, but an odd, silent film-within-the-film entitled The Diminishing Lover,
The brain starves from the deficit of ketones and the infant becomes comatose.
When the juvenile did not respond to attempts to resuscitate him, he was transported to a hospital where he remained in a comatose state for two months.