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The ones fighting to keep her comatose claim she can feel pain and that starvation is cruel.
Under the power of a microscope, the fuzzy antennae of the comatose inornata twitch.
1 -- color) Dena Szpak, who recently underwent cancer surgery, talks about her comatose son, Matt, at UCLA Medical Center.
Mejia was comatose when he was airlifted to the trauma center at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills, where Dr.
Mejia was comatose when he was airlifted to the trauma center at Providence Holy Cross where Quinonez operated and removed five of the nails.
Lasisi, who joined office, previous month, said the hospital was comatose .
Summary: The prosecution in north Lebanon issued a decision Friday to expand their investigation into the death of Roula Ycoub, who was found beaten and comatose last year after reportedly being attacked by her husband.
She said the comatose rape case only reinforces the need to take action against New Zealand's rape culture.
He's been excellent as a comatose Nick Tilsley lying silently in his hospital bed following that dreadful van crash.
ISLAMABAD -- Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan Sharat Sabharwal on Thursday will visit Indian death row convict Sarabjit Singh, comatose in hospital following a brutal assault,.
Attari (Punjab), April 28 ( ANI ): Family members of comatose Indian death row prisoner Sarabjit Singh, who is in coma after a brutal assault on him by fellow inmates in a Lahore jail, reached Pakistan on Sunday in the evening and met him in Jinnah hospital in Lahore.
Despite a court verdict ordering his treatment abroad at the expense of the state, the comatose protester Mo'awad Adel remains in a hospital waiting to be transferred to the United Kingdom.