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At the appointed hour the king made a sign, and the heralds, in their tabards, appeared and made proclamation, naming the combatants and stating the cause of quarrel.
The splendid armour of the combatants was now defaced with dust and blood, and gave way at every stroke of the sword and battle-axe.
By uniting the several detachments of his command, this officer might have arrayed nearly double that number of combatants against the enterprising Frenchman, who had ventured so far from his reinforcements, with an army but little superior in numbers.
The combatants were watching each other with alert eyes; a perfect stillness, a breathless interest reigned.
The two combatants, their seconds, and the conductor passed through the cars to the rear of the train.
Now works its iron will, the startled sand Blinding the combatants together locked In the death-grip; while hill and vale and stream Glow with the flash and crash of arms.
The two combatants had been seen in a position which left no doubt of their intentions.
The space was cleared, the two lamps placed on Cromwell's desk, in order that the combatants might have as much light as possible; and the swords crossed.
Two only contented themselves with pushing with their feet combatants who came under their table.
The combatants were so intent upon their murderous work that they did not notice the arrival of the balloon; there were about three hundred mingled confusedly in the deadly struggle: most of them, red with the blood of the wounded, in which they fairly wallowed, were horrible to behold.
They lay where they had fallen between the combatants.
It is time to pass to the other camp, and to describe at once the combatants and the field of battle.