combination of companies

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This combination of companies will give our clients a superior integrated approach to product/service innovation, positioning, and performance.
The combination of companies offers a geographic reach within one time zone of every US-based OEM, officials noted.
The Dubuit-Nazdar agreement represents an excellent combination of companies that will truly benefit U.
A Transco spokesman said there was no explanation for the record levels on Wednesday, but added, "I would imagine it was a combination of companies coming back to work and warming their offices and factories and people going home and turning up the heat.
This year Roth selected a unique combination of companies that are representative of their existing research universe and continued focus on undiscovered companies.
This combination of companies means that we now have technology and manufacturing capability in solvent-based and water-based ink, laminations, chip dispersions, high solids water dispersions, water- and solvent-based overlacquers, energy curable UV and EB coatings for paper, film and foil and the unique ability to react polyester," said Jerry Mosley, CEO of Mosley Holdings, Sheridan, AR, the parent company.
We are very excited about this combination of companies that together have two hundred years of experience operating in one of the country's most important industries.
The combination of companies is expected to offer excellent opportunities for cross marketing into the respective environments, the executives said.
Projects can include any combination of companies, contacts, folders, news feeds or files.
There will not be a venture conference in the country this year with a more robust combination of companies, sponsors, venture investors and programs.
This combination of companies provides the critical mass of property and production in the Cherokee Basin needed to operate effectively in today's competitive environment.
Their renowned ATA host controller and RAID `know-how' is complemented by Marvell's unrivaled Serial ATA leadership, and makes for a powerful combination of companies, and of course a high-performance product as well.