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Timiti was killed by two other natives while they were combing his hair in friendship.
And, without telling you the scrape I got into at Taki- Tiki, except that I sailed away with two hundred kinky-heads for Queensland labour, and for my manner of collecting them had two British ships of war combing the Pacific for me, I changed my course and ran to the westward thinking to dispose of the lot to the Spanish plantations on Bangar.
He thought it was just an ordinary singing and that everybody ought to stand up, so he scrambled to his feet mighty quick, knowing he'd get a combing down from Maria Millison for sleeping in meeting.
Maston got his hook fixed in the combing of the poop, and it pretty nearly required the capstan to get it out again.
For five minutes Pollyanna worked swiftly, deftly, combing a refractory curl into fluffiness, perking up a drooping ruffle at the neck, or shaking a pillow into plumpness so that the head might have a better pose.
He put the tray with the breakfast and the letter on the dressing- table, before which Becky sat combing her yellow hair.
When he returned from combing his hair in the bedroom and sat down at the small table opposite her, he paused with knife and fork in hand.
And they have a habit of combing their hair, which she hasn't.