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The Graf high-performance circular combs enable an optimal combing process on all combers.
The combing operations are aimed at locating the terrorists, their facilitators and sleeper cells in different parts of the country and neutralising them, besides expanding the reach of civilian law enforcement agencies.
Considering the small size of the combs, narrow separation of the tines, absence of embedded camelid hair or cotton fibers, the labor intensive production techniques, the reduced efficiency of combing tangled hair with a dense comb, and especially the presence of lice eggs, nymphs and adult lice trapped in the tines, all add up to indicate these combs were specifically manufactured to remove lice.
Combing through a child's wet hair may lead to more accurate identification of active head lice infestation than visual inspection, according to a report.
The symbolic meaning of comb-shaped pendants can be related to combing and to hair, to which magic meaning has often been attributed (Luik 1999, 151-152; 2005, 114).
You could argue going out without combing your hair is a bit like not ironing your shirt.
The plus side of using a chemical product is it often works in one application and may not even require combing.
It's also essential for combing through conditioner and styling products, a process which ensures they are distributed more evenly along the whole hair shaft.
Treatment consists of four sequential combings of wet, conditioned hair with 3 days between each combing.
In the trial, 57 percent of the children treated by combing were free of lice after 15 days.
A small brush included in the Robi Comb kit is then used to remove the dead louse from the device, and combing continues.