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being built up by my too-youngto-knowbetter It's all a bit of a comedown after being built up over the past few years by my too-young-to-know-better children, for whom I'm considered the apogee of resourcefulness, know-how and wit.
Going into a game you usually feel great but then you have that comedown and that nervous energy definitely takes it out of you.
A year ago, John Duncans men began an FA run which nearly ended at Wembley so it must have been some comedown to be involved in a five-match Nationwide League programme on the busiest Cup day of the season.
Sure it seems like a bit of a comedown after your side opened their Super League campaign with three consecutive wins.
Using the internet had a 'striking' impact on the positive mood of those who were addicted to the web, and their comedown was far more pronounced than those who used it less often, the research noted.
Driving the PS11,000 motor was quite a comedown for Amy, who last year bought herself a 202mph Ferrari 458.
It was a big comedown after brilliant gigs by The Roots and Deadmau5.
The worst prelief comedown is the one on offer in family restaurants.
It's nice to have that comedown after each event, have a giggle and just make some funny comments.
We tried him at point-topointing but he felt that was a bit of a comedown and pulled himself up at every available opportunity - usually right in front of the horsebox.
There is no comedown from last week when we played so well to beat Leeds.
And there would be no worries about a debilitating comedown.