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The new school and neighborhood are a comedown from the family's previous existence; then, the father leaves home and they take in a boarder to help pay the bills.
The fall behind and dilatoriness of vocational education make engineering technicians and technique workers who are on-the-job near the machine seriously missing, ultimately lead to economic comedown in England.
We have been running a tad above that," Seiders said, "but the comedown shouldn't be all that dramatic.
And so for the older gentlemen in the Blue Horizon's balcony, the very presence of women fighting in front of them marks a comedown in the world; what their fathers watched as art is now inescapably exploitation, a catfight.
19 euros, which is a considerable comedown from the previous price of around three euros.
But when the comedown after the shopping spree hit you, you weren't entirely sure what you'd bought.
It was quite a comedown from 1999, when Clinton described access to long-term care as one of the priority issues to be solved in the new century.
CHRIS COLEMAN fears a Euro 2016 comedown from his Wales team.
The bearded Bristol-born star, whose telly comedown catchphrase was "Good Times
The expectations after winning both money titles, there is some comedown after that.
Monday Mink Rocks feat The Young Urban Professionals, Four Mile Drive, The Comedown - M-Ink, M''bro.