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56) Although it was still important for diplomats to act in a Christian way (virtuously and without scandal), they were now also expected, for example, to remain trustworthy and faithful to their ruler, and to possess a good number of worldly traits: intelligence, eloquence, comeliness, fashion sense, and so on.
in himself, and in his own Nature; yet here is perfection of beauty, and that through the comeliness of Christ": 158.
You may recognise this comeliness more readily as "pot marigold".
In the Puttamansa Sutta (28) the Buddha taught his disciples that material food (kabalankara ahara) should be taken not for pleasures (davaya), not for indulgence (madaya), not for personal charm (mandandaya), not for comeliness (vibhusnaya), but for the sheer necessity of living.
Long before they get to her politics, they gossip about her comeliness, and the judgment is always harsh.
What was significant for QANG in these showings, where the manifest emphasis is on her beautiful body and comeliness, is exactly this amplified manifestation of her bodily condition.
If "Tyler is the Plain Jane of American fiction, both in style and subject matter," says Lisa Allardice, "it is this deceptive comeliness and innocence that appeals to her readers: she holds up a forgiving mirror to Middle America.
His comeliness and poetic temperament make him the obsessive object of affection of a king (Saul), his son and heir (Jonathan), and his daughter (Michal, David's wife).
In this scheme, Leocadia's beauty is itself a representation of that space, whose positive order, translated into comeliness, wins Rodolfo back into its encompassing, if delicate, harmony.
Her soul and mind are Love and Charity; her eyes Dignity and Magnanimity, the hands Liberality and Magnificence, the feet, Comeliness and Modesty.
Charmed by the bull's comeliness, Europa and her handmaidens deck him with flowers.
It is composed of two hun dred old frame houses and some nice vacant lots, and its comeliness is greatly enhanced, I may say is rendered gorgeous, by the cluster of stern-wheel steamboats at the water front.