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In a sense this is where Gwenno's krautpop comes full circle.
When you see businesses give back to the communities, it comes full circle.
It is a long journey that comes full circle back in alpine fields with ironic surprise.
With this transaction, the vision for the ground floor space at Tapestry comes full circle.
When the book comes full circle at the end, only the stoniest of hearts won't feel the young protagonist's pain.
Five comes full circle with
Patty Jenkins' Pearl.
Eagle can quickly locate almost any technology product for almost any type of need, and in comes Full Circle Solutions Group technical support to help with the installation, etc.
Renee James and William Sheehan point out in their delightful article "Neptune Comes Full Circle," priority of discovery is a big deal in science (July issue, page 28).
THE Bags/SIS 500 series comes full circle today with Perry Barr the 16th and final Bags track to host the pounds 500 event for graded runners, writes Dave Johnston.
At the end of her journey, Senna comes full circle, becoming a parent to her own multiracial son.
The story just comes full circle, as the criminals meet the brotherhood and the ending is just so wonderful.