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DAVID WHETSTONE Durham's festival of light-based art comes round every two years and 2015 is a switch-on year, bringing four nights of spectacular installations {
When she comes round, she has lost her memory, which forces her husband Leo (Channing Tatum) to try to woo her all over again.
She's a fool for choclate You never know the truth My mother use to say What comes round goes round What you dream is what you get.
He obviously comes round that bend, assisted or not.
David Lambert No-one calls it racist When the daffodil's worn in Wales Or is offended by their dragon With its forked tail and scales When St Patrick's Day comes round And the shamrock's being worn The Irish are not treated With insult or with scorn If a Scotsman on St Andrew's day Hoists his flag aloft He's not proclaimed a fascist Or ridiculed or scoffed So when St George's Day arrives We English men won't hide For Elizabeth, England and St George We'll wear our Rose with pride [bar] Send your poems to Sunday Mercury Short Stories, Sunday Mercury, Fort Dunlop, Fort Parkway, Birmingham B24 9FF.
I'm not allowed to contact him at home and feel we're stuck in a rut where he just comes round to mine.
Summary: Britain may scale back the G8 event when its turn to host the summit comes round in 2013.
You can't get Hugh Hefner off it when he comes round - he has the endurance of someone in his twenties," she added.
Now the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) is dividing pounds 600m between 25 authorities, including Wirral and Sefton, to allow them to start a project before their turn comes round.
People who believe in "liberal democracy" are to blame for everything because they don't trust manly men to stand still when the law comes round.
Forced to miss Cheltenham last season, but is back in good form and could well be a leading hope for the Champion Hurdle by the time the Festival comes round again.
Now all the Corrie fans who've been in tears about the disappearance of their favourite soap from the TV schedules can get back to normal at least until the World Cup comes round in two years.