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Speaking at a press conference to speak about the preliminary schedule of the Pope's visit, Momani said: "We are looking forward with all love, respect and appreciation for the visit, which comes upon an invitation by His Majesty King Abdullah II.
Visiting any venue at dawn there is always a feeling of peacefulness that comes upon us immediately, one that is thrilling and makes the trip out during the early hours so much more important.
This provisional listing of the preference shares of the company comes upon the decision of the extraordinary meeting of the company's General Assembly during which it agreed to increase its capital from RO 2,310,000 to RO 3,465,000 by issuing the preference shares worth RO 1.
The Turkish premier's visit comes upon an invitation directed from Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri Al Maliki.
The visit comes upon an invitation and an agreement with the Kuwaiti parliament speakers during a meeting in the Turkish city of Istanbul on the sidelines of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) parliaments speakers meeting," Omar al-Mashhadani told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
The Golden Age" tells the story of a traveler who comes upon a small island with a unique world view, where many of the people sit and dream all day, and contribute to a communal collection of stories.
According to Automobile Magazine Design Editor, Robert Cumberford, 'The first point of appreciation comes upon approaching the car.
Friendly's decision to switch to renting comes upon the heels of its acquisition in August by an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners.
When she comes upon a magical recipe book, Lulu decides to take matters into her own hands to outwit her wicked stepmother-to-be with special truth- telling cookies--if she can find the special ingredients, that is
After days go by without hearing from Jen, a worried Luke comes upon Jen's father.
Ambrose preached that, in the blessing of the water in the baptismal font, the Holy Spirit comes upon the font, or those receiving baptism, in the same way that the Spirit came upon the Virgin Mary.