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Research conducted through end-user trials showed that Comfort Zone Technology reduced the pain experienced during the blood sampling procedure when compared to other devices without the same technology [sup.
Duties that force us out of our comfort zone typically enhance our ability to see the whole fight--not just the fight from our own foxhole.
The demand to stay within one's comfort zone is not limited to Jews in the United States.
I can play on the Asian Tour and earn more ranking points, but again it will be my comfort zone.
The results of implementing Comfort Zone are typically, sustainable cost reductions; reduced absenteeism and healthcare costs as well as an increase in employee performance and comfort, said Roth.
comfort zone ] has everything covered for our beach fit body this Summer," Comfort Zone spokesperson Victoria Trueman said.
some area or opportunity just outside our usual experience and our comfort zone
In fact, I tagged a giant Oklahoma bruiser last fall during a five-day muzzleloading hunt directly above a textbook comfort zone.
Comfort Zone is the largest grief camp in the country and it's free of charge.
SO, GARETH Barry was afraid of being in the comfort zone.
Beyonce said: "I really felt it was time to step out of that comfort zone and go into some of the more dramatic roles.