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Personally, I've chosen to live at the edge of my comfort zone.
Duties that force us out of our comfort zone typically enhance our ability to see the whole fight--not just the fight from our own foxhole.
The demand to stay within one's comfort zone is not limited to Jews in the United States.
I can play on the Asian Tour and earn more ranking points, but again it will be my comfort zone.
The thought that the elements that make for the comfort zone are not permanent should create enough discomfort to push a man to proceed to the next zone," my friend said.
It is a bit twisted - living in your comfort zone all the time eventually will make you feel uncomfortable.
Our comfort zones exist only in our minds, they make us feel safe.
Ron Porter, The Back School's owner explains, “We are excited about the partnership with Ergo Squad and having the ability to offer Comfort Zone to our clients.
We are excited about the partnership with IBR and having the ability to offer Comfort Zone to our clients.
Your comfort zone is where you are fully able, competent and comfortable.
The makers of the Comfort Zone body strategist + abdomen patch claim that the product can help you on your way to doing just that, giving you a flatter abdomen in just a month.
We can make a choice and leave our comfort zone and enter the comfort zone of another.