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Struggling for a long time to classify the multiple types of comfortableness, prices, rooms and services in a GDS standardized database structure, those who made the development plans, for the hotel company and for the GDS itself, agreed that the development of the GDS hotel database is no longer practical.
On the basis of a scale from one to five ("strongly disagree" to "strongly agree"), the students assessed their degree of anxiety with relation to fear of negative evaluation ("I keep thinking that the other students are better at English than I am"), fear of failure ("I worry about the consequences of failing my English language class"), speaking anxiety ("I never feel quite sure of myself when I am speaking in my English language class"), teacher-generated anxiety ("I get nervous when I don't understand every word the English teacher says"), and comfortableness in taking English classes ("I don't understand why some people get so upset over English language classes").
Placed especially between convenience, comfortableness and consumerism--the culture of highway is what reaffirms the aesthetic improvisation of the suburban spaces, of the places between cities, of the series of narrow spaces.
Motivational orientation should be manipulated by arm position, and effort or arm comfortableness should not contribute significantly to the main results.
which is to create comfortableness to the opponent, and we tried to also bring that into the physicality and creating this uncomfortable look to watch," Bardem said.
Many women are reticent to breastfeed a toddler, notwithstanding their comfortableness with nursing an infant in public.
Despite the growth and comfortableness of the video-game generation with computers, they still need to learn the particulars of the simulation.
The UN chief's comfortableness of the process is a major indicator that everything is going as planned.
We've realized the ultimate form of a Japanese compact car'' with improved safety features and comfortableness, said Toyota President Akio Toyoda at a press conference.
Rational choice of suspension structure and performance parameters has a great and direct influence on the traveling smoothness, steering stability and comfortableness of the automobile [4].
Academic knowledge of the psychological and social development of children related to such factors as personal identity, self-confidence, and relationships with peers and adults forms a basis for making sense of how children behave and respond in social situations, their levels of comfortableness with experiences that are new and different, and their ability to learn in various situations.
Edmund Campion wrote that the "vast crowds who turned out to celebrate Mass with the pope in every capital city demonstrated, if nothing else, their comfortableness at calling themselves Catholics [and their] presence was a rebuttal of those who had been foretelling the imminent breakup of the Australian church.