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They all then made a starveling repast; but gathering round the fire, talked over past dangers and troubles, soothed themselves with the persuasion that all were now at an end, and went to sleep with the comforting hope that the morrow would bring them into plentiful quarters.
Arrived at that comforting conclusion, I bethought my- self of a cigar and went below to get it.
She clung to the comforting hopeful words Arthur had uttered in their last meeting-- "I shall come again at Christmas, and then we will see what can be done.
Sylvie (I found out her name afterwards) had knelt down, just as I was doing, to help the Beetle; but it needed more than a little stick for her to get it on its legs again; it was as much as she could do, with both arms, to roll the heavy thing over; and all the while she was talking to it, half scolding and half comforting, as a nurse might do with a child that had fallen down.
If it be my fate to die at the ships of the Achaeans even so would I have it; let Achilles slay me, if I may but first have taken my son in my arms and mourned him to my heart's comforting.
The doctor had many consultations with his patient, and the good women of the household lauded the comforting effect of his visits.