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And comfortingly, lay a bunch of flowers on the day the grassroot hero died.
The highlight was their finale, Tallis's Gaude Gloriosa Dei Mater, a hugely complex multi-part anthem, but made to sound comfortingly simple.
There are two versions - one with and one without alcohol - both smelling comfortingly of rhubarb jelly, wild mint, citrus fruit rind, vanilla and a drop of milk
Meanwhile, over on BBC1's comfortingly predictable ballroom blitz, pouting panellists Craig and Bruno lusted after hunky Harry Judd in his sexy see-through shirt.
COMFORTINGLY cradled in her dad's loving arms, Isabella Koupparis finally comes home 12 days after she and her twin sister were mauled by a fox.
But his economic gestures seemed all that the orchestra needed to launch it to Mahlerian heights of expression, the slow movement, in particular, growing from comfortingly sentimental to heart-swelling rhapsody.
Comfortingly, the teachers told us if we were in any way bullied to come and see them.
There's also a comfortingly communal ethos to Korean eating, and what strikes any first-timer is the sheer number of dishes that make up a traditional meal.
Rather comfortingly, Watson points out that is exactly what Albion did amidst the turmoil of Jose Mourinho's playground antics last weekend.
We settled amid the rose pink velvet upholstery of this polished to perfection pub and checked out the menu with its comfortingly traditional offerings.
BROTHER Benedict sounds comfortingly like a holy man who can be trusted.