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The basic rule of thumb is that if you put it out on the web (and by that I most definitely include Twitter and all other things comfortingly transient), it stays out on the web.
The characters are well defined and more than a bit Dickensian; resilient and curious Michael, the dependable family lawyers, the comfortingly normal household staff, and then the ambivalent Clarendons.
Henry says he's no worries about the trip," she says, comfortingly.
Although the cabin boasts more space than ever, thanks to capitalising on the increased dimensions of the platform itself, these natural edges serve to give the impression of the interior elements wrapping themselves comfortingly around the occupants.
As the Internet continues to metastasize, hermusichas made our sprawling popscape feel both endlessly thrilling and comfortingly finite, grafting Baltimore club to Bollywood to Brazilian baile funk with a seamless cool.
Underground, a combination of wood and brick cladding gives the tunnel a comfortingly solid feel and though the mouth of the tunnel is a little narrow, one has to walk only 15m before it is possible to stand upright.
The board should proceed with Russell's recommendations, which provide a comfortingly wide range of options.
The shock is delivered by a device that comfortingly perhaps looks like a c= omputer mouse.
ANIMALS IN TRANSLATION Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior (2004): Arguing that animals, like autistic humans, think visually rather than verbally, Grandin paints a fascinating portrait, by turns comfortingly familiar and unsettlingly foreign, of the animal kingdom.
The cook, Terry (Rob Latino), tells Basil none too comfortingly a dirty kitchen is a virtue.
As an audience member, I've been delighted by the infectious excitement of the kids presenting their awards, cheering wildly when their author wins, and when they don't, patting their author comfortingly on the hand and whispering, "I like you best anyway.
It's a timely study: words such as crusade and jihad, as the author points out, no longer seem comfortingly archaic.