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Pools of water had collected in the narrow and little- frequented streets, and as many of the thinly-scattered oil-lamps had been blown out by the violence of the wind, the walk was not only a comfortless, but most uncertain one.
The tattered remains of a checked curtain were drawn round the bed's head, to exclude the wind, which, however, made its way into the comfortless room through the numerous chinks in the door, and blew it to and fro every instant.
There I stayed for some time at a private hotel in the Strand, leading a comfortless, meaningless existence, and spending such money as I had, considerably more freely than I ought.
The room in which he lives looks, by candle-light, "as comfortless as a prison or a monastic cell" (24).
Yet on an afternoon which only served to reinforce the lessons of this most salutary, miserable, comfortless experience, it was hard to see reasons to expect a brighter future.
Despair, hopelessness and anxiety turn him into a comfortless, impatient, hating and complaining person.
I watched the spot where the Giant Banyan had stood, muscular, maternal uncle, spreading witness to all the historical charges, dark green in the comfortless years, .
Feed us music to rot the nerves, make us twitch with music, burrow with music beneath the comfortless brain and beneath the aching heart and the worn heart and beneath the honest gut and rot the gut with music in the snake of nerve that sits in the knee reflexes, wriggle in the dust with the snake's belly.
A little idyllic perhaps, but now imagine this room without a warming fire, fireplace or stove - grey, cold and comfortless.
And Bessie's father was typical of the times - binge drinking's nothing new and drink brought oblivion, escape from comfortless hovels when beer was one shilling a gallon, whisky one pound per gallon, drink supplied by a dozen local breweries frothing away.
It is between the sterile existence of the social upstarts and the comfortless life of the working classes that Margaret has to oscillate to maintain middle-class status.