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I was a soldier, and now I am nothing but an agony for myself, for my mother, for everything that is so comfortless and without end.
Fanny cannot help observing the effects of poverty on youth and beauty: "It often grieved her to the heart--to think of the contrast between them--to think that where nature had made so little difference, circumstances should have made so much, and that her mother, as handsome as Lady Bertram, and some years her junior, should have an appearance so much more worn and faded, so comfortless, so slatternly, so shabby" (408).
The room in which he lives looks, by candle-light, "as comfortless as a prison or a monastic cell" (24).
But our lament is not comfortless grief; it is a heroes' lament, worthy of the fallen and their heroic deeds.
Yet on an afternoon which only served to reinforce the lessons of this most salutary, miserable, comfortless experience, it was hard to see reasons to expect a brighter future.
As Sol dies, Thorn is left comfortless and alone in a stark world that claustrophobically has no future.
With this the Grasshopper yielding to the wethers extremities, died comfortless without remedy.
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: giant alocasia grows between some sheds on a farm on Green Mountain; part of the relay station for BBC transmissions to Africa; the view south from Green Mountain across extinct volcanoes, where vegetation has been growing only for the past decade; a small tunnel through Green Mountain built by British marines as part of a network of lookout paths; this small church built in the early 1900s is still used today, mainly by US military personnel; an area of Green Mountain covered in concrete by British marines to collect rainfall; Comfortless Cove, one of the only safe places to swim on Ascension; satellite dishes that form part of the European Space Agency programme on the island
An entirely European and modern room; its comfort contrasting with the old-fashioned, comfortless splendour of the scene of Act II.
First wave of gentrification (starting) consisted of students, musicians, poets, and artists who chose to live in the cheap and comfortless, but authentic and human scale living quarters.
Despair, hopelessness and anxiety turn him into a comfortless, impatient, hating and complaining person.
I watched the spot where the Giant Banyan had stood, muscular, maternal uncle, spreading witness to all the historical charges, dark green in the comfortless years, .