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Indeed, she returned so often to these sublects, and so frequently called upon them to take a lesson from her,--at the same time vaunting and, as it were, rioting in, her huge unworthiness, and abundant excess of sin,--that, in the course of a short time, she became, in that small chamber, rather a nuisance than a comfort, and rendered them, if possible, even more unhappy than they had been before.
At first, Miss Miggs wondered greatly in her own mind who this sick person might be; but arriving, on second thoughts, at the conclusion that he was a part of the schemes on foot, and an artful device soon to be employed with great success, she opined, for Miss Haredale's comfort, that it must be some misguided Papist who had been wounded: and this happy supposition encouraged her to say, under her breath, 'Ally Looyer
The outer room through which they had to pass, was full of men; among them, Mr Dennis in safe keeping; and there, had been since yesterday, lying in hiding behind a wooden screen which was now thrown down, Simon Tappertit, the recreant 'prentice, burnt and bruised, and with a gun-shot wound in his body; and his legs--his perfect legs, the pride and glory of his life, the comfort of his existence--crushed into shapeless ugliness.
Meg is a great comfort to me and lets me have jelly every night at tea its so good for me Jo says because it keeps me sweet tempered.
Home is another great word that comforts and gives us a feeling of safety.
Here in Isaiah is one of the classic metaphors for the Lord: "as a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you; you shall be comforted in Jerusalem" (66:13).
More than 1 million Americans now enjoy the benefits of the best night's sleep available with Select Comforts innovative mattress technology.
SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 20, 1995--The comforts of a new, energy efficient home are now more affordable than ever.
Bill Murdy, Comfort Systems USA's chairman and CEO, said, "We are very pleased with the establishment of our new credit facility led by Bank of Texas and Hibernia.
Forty-five percent said they regularly have trouble falling asleep, and more than one third reported they had trouble falling asleep the night before surveyed, according to the Sleeping Habits Survey recently conducted in Boston by Select Comfort, the nation's leading bed retailer.
Bill Murdy, Comfort Systems USA's Chairman and CEO, said, "Hobie will be in a key role as we fully utilize and improve what has been built in our information systems and technology areas.
Bill Murdy, Comfort Systems USA's chairman and CEO, said, "Jim Schultz has more than 30 years of rich, deep experience in all phases of the HVAC industry, including directing Trane to be the leader in the U.