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It is important for me to tell you personally that I have decided to retire from drawing the PEANUTS comic strip, after the daily release of Monday, January 3rd, 2000, (and Sunday release of February 13th), in order to concentrate on my treatment for and recuperation from colon cancer.
Jeff MacNelly was universally loved by his peers in our industry and his comic strip continues to be universally loved by his loyal fans.
Willard's consistently funny and widely respected comedic work in movies and television, Sprengelmeyer and Davis approached him about portraying a fast-talking super salesman for a series of Captain RibMan comic strips.
These animated shorts bring the comic strip to life in a way that is perfect for the multi-platform digital media world.
While creating designs for this product line, Pat Brady, the creator of this enchanting comic strip, explained: "I always get a wildly positive response from my readers when Rose's alter ego, Vicki the Biker appears in the strip.
United Media, the licensing and syndication company behind the successful comic strip, developed the technology and partnerships enabling Dilbert to be the first globally recognized comic strip to offer Mashups, daily animation and interactive widgets, making Scott Adams the leading interactive cartoonist both off and online.
3) A man and his cat: Comic strip creatro Jim Davis and his feline
Some lucky fans will have an opportunity to meet the creator of their comic strip hero when he sets out for a ten-city book-signing tour on May 20.
People are going to read a comic strip before they read a directive from the Department of Homeland Security,'' Sessions said.
The popular comic strip provides a humorous look at the absurdities of corporate life in the 90s.
Sewn onto each blanket is a Project Linus label depicting the comic strip character Linus holding his blanket, and a Lockheed Martin label that says ``Blanketing the World.