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But regardless of where you stand on the process of coming out, it's still all we have in our journey to be, and share, ourselves.
On the very first Coming Out Day, I learned never to come out to a close relative in a moving vehicle.
The homestand started in better times, with the Dodgers holding a 2 1/2-game lead over Arizona coming out of the All-Star break.
Trejo's pitched really well the last few times coming out of the bullpen and I'm going to keep giving him the ball.
Chad Allen has inspired me and given me hope with his bravery in coming out.
The consequences of coming out are few these days and infinitely less severe than they once were.
Barber had success coming out of the bullpen early in the season but struggled in several recent outings, and the Diamondbacks apparently believe he's more suited as a starter.
The actress isn't gay herself but learned plenty from "people close to me who have had to deal with coming out to their parents [and] to themselves.
One minute we were coming out for the second half, and the next thing I noticed we were all celebrating,'' Matter said.