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stated goals of protecting separation of powers, international comity,
And it focuses, in particular, on what it is about the relationship between the states and the federal government that might make comity an unattractive framework for understanding the former's obligations to the latter.
The bill has been criticized as an unnecessary, illogical, and offensive expansion of Florida courts' historical comity analyses and application.
38) Furthermore, the Ninth Circuit stated that the District Court erred when it considered international comity concerns as a basis for denying the preliminary injunction when international comity concerns were actually inapplicable to the case.
International law and the general principles of comity encourage
This Note begins by explaining some of the differences in civil procedure in the United States and abroad; it then surveys the contours of the Evidence Convention, the Aerospatiale decision and its comity analysis, and lower court cases guided by that decision--focusing on those addressing jurisdictional discovery disputes.
The international comity doctrines are a subset of what we shall call
And there is always the possibility that someone acquiring central political authority in the United States will realize that the most desirable foreign policy for creating global comity and thus security for the nation is through a policy promoting international humaneness and generosity rather than ruthless domineering.
If she is to have any chance of restoring the spirit of comity to the House, she must show a human side that has heretofore not been a conspicuous part of her public persona.
Congressional staffers promise comity on aviation committees.
20) Even though courts in the United States often provide comity to foreign legal decisions, there are a number of differences between giving deference in that context and giving precedential effect to an ICJ decision.
Although there are fairly strict standards for when the comity of nations doctrine may be applied, businesses need to know that they are not immune from foreign legal judgments.