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While federal power to commandeer state officers was generally
16) As a matter of history, it ignores the fact that most methods now employed to commandeer states' secrets were unknown to the Framers and emerged only in the last several decades.
East of England Ambulance Service said: "Crews often commandeer vehicles to help transport patients to awaiting helicopters.
In a related vein, the disruption also depends on citizens' expectations about whether the federal government would actually commandeer information.
During the first day of his trial, the Israeli Arab student denied earlier comments that he was planning to commandeer the flight and crash the aircraft into skyscrapers in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Downing Street said the Government was prepared if necessary to instruct the armed forces to commandeer more civilian tenders.
Professor Lerer watches the fifteenth-century writers and readers watching Chaucer and "canonizing" him in the process, not simply by exerting their own authority over his texts (though they do commandeer certain texts imperiously enough), but more fundamentally by subordinating themselves to his authority.
Third, Congress may commandeer the states pursuant to its powers under the Reconstruction Era Amendments.
Wielding enzymes called hydrogenases, the organisms split hydrogen molecules and commandeer their electrons.
In 1995 law enforcement authorities in the Philippines broke up a plot by Ramzi Yousef and other Osama bin Laden-connected terrorists, who planned to commandeer U.

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