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that the federal government may commandeer those officers.
Theoretically, an attacker could commandeer a system running Snort 2.
The agents were ``accosted by four young male subjects, at least one of whom was armed'' shortly after midnight, the FBI said, and an altercation broke out when the young men tried to commandeer the agents' vehicle.
It was the third time in a month that a passenger tried to commandeer a Greyhound company bus.
Others wearing Sky Posse(C) pins provide a visible sign that your resistance to any attempt to commandeer an aircraft will instantly become group resistance.
IN THE CURRENT computer-animated romp ``Madagascar,'' a group of penguins who have escaped from a New York City zoo commandeer a freighter bound for Kenya so they can go home to Antarctica.
Defective CCR2 receptors, which appear in about 20 to 25 percent of people of all races, are probably difficult for the virus to commandeer.
The woman tried to commandeer another vehicle, but the driver refused to open the door.
Mandelbrot had an advantage over Perrin and other predecessors in that he could commandeer computers to calculate and display stunning, unpredictable images of the extraordinary mathematical forms.
Overall, the survey and recent field reports tell us that phishers are using advanced crimeware to commandeer larger arrays of Internet technologies and at the same time using them to attack smaller institutions than have been targeted," said APWG Chairman David Jevans.

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