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The two men then commandeered a red Ford Fiesta, which was being driven by an 18- year old man, who was taking his driving test with an examiner.
Jian lives in an alleyway tenement with his father, stepmother and smart little stepsister, whose schooling has just commandeered the family savings that were earmarked to buy Jian a bike.
Two Redondo Beach High Schools, Redondo Union High School and Mira Costa High School - won the National Champion award for best robot, a team honor shared by five high schools that commandeered the winning machine.
It's about four old guys who were hotshot test pilots in the '50s, but were passed over for orbital duty when NASA commandeered the space program from the Air Force.
Eastwood's Frank, Tommy Lee Jones' Hawk, Donald Sutherland's Jerry and James Garner's Tank were all hotshot test pilots in the 1950s (the very nice, black-and-white opening flashback offers young ringers for the famous actors dubbed by the icons' unmistakable voices) who were bypassed for the space program when NASA commandeered it from the Air Force.
ACTON - Prisoners being extradited out of California by a private firm commandeered their van when the guards stopped for a restroom break, then led authorities on a chase at speeds up to 90 mph before crashing.
The next thing he knew, his truck was commandeered and the 300-pound Campbell was in fear for his life, he said.
3, 1999, when two gunmen commandeered the armored car Campbell was driving in Van Nuys.
3, two masked gunmen commandeered the armored truck at Sherman Way and Orion Avenue, tied up two guards and drove about three miles to an alley near Victory Boulevard and Odessa Avenue.
Ileto, described by family and co-workers as a model employee with a winning smile and lively sense of humor, was found dead near his postal delivery truck shortly before noon Tuesday, about an hour after the community center shooting and half an hour after Furrow allegedly commandeered a car in North Hills.
After only approximately 13 months the War Department commandeered all 10 buses in 1914.
WAR Lancashire supplies have been commandeered for Government purposes and there are no foreign potatoes coming in.

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