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On July 5, two men also commandeered a Melvin taxi unit in Iloilo City.
He told how his Land Rover Defender was commandeered by a police officer who jumped into the driver's seat, with him in the passenger seat.
The crew commandeered a Confederate ship loaded down with ammunition and cannons, delivered it to the Union army and secured freedom for those aboard.
The hijackers, who commandeered a Boeing 727 on an internal flight in Afghanistan in February 2000 and forced the crew to fly to Stansted in Essex, also apologised to the ill-fated passengers for the fear they had caused by their actions.
This protein is the primary cell-surface receptor that is commandeered by HIV, which uses it to enter white blood cells.
Top space scientists from around the world are being commandeered to provide personnel for space bases.
The impact of the Boeing 767s, commandeered by the terrorists, even though larger and flying much faster, was still unable to bring down the towers.
Earlier the man had forced them off a bus he had commandeered and forced them into the cellar of a nearby house at about noon BST.
Charlie Parker and other pioneers of bebop famously commandeered the harmonic changes of popular tunes of their day, such as "How High the Moon," to create bop masterpieces ("Ornithology" in this case) that scarcely resembled their predecessors.
The 38-year-old ex-world middleweight champion, who has an HGV licence, was driving his children to school when he allegedly commandeered the vehicle in Brighton, East Sussex, on February 21.
And the mayor of Berkeley, California, commandeered copies of a student newspaper that argued against his election.
NBC even commandeered the ice rink at Rockefeller Center and turned it into a gigantic red and blue map, which served as a doormat for the shafts of red and blue light climbing up the side of the General Electric building as the competition stiffened.

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