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IN COMMENDAM. The state or condition of a church living, which is void or vacant, and it is commended to the care of some one. In, Louisiana, there is a species of partnership called a partnership in commendam. Vide Commendam.

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Unlike many of Jonson's less serious commendatory poems, it eschews witty satire at the expense of the object of praise.
He gave away these awards in the 6th distributing cash and commendatory certificates ceremony held at Central Police Office (CPO) here Thursday.
Acting DIG Investigation Rana Ayaz Saleem has announced cash and commendatory certificates for raiding team.
DIG Investigation Zulfiqar Hameed has announced cash and commendatory certificates among raiding police.
DSP Malik Safdar Hussain was declared best beat commander of the month and SSP announced commendatory certificates for the beat commanders over their satisfactory performance.
CPO Sultan Ahmad Chaudhary appreciated performance of the team and also announced cash prizes and commendatory certificates.
The DPO have announced cash prizes and commendatory certificates for the police team.
To a question, he said that NH&MP had planned various programmes for the NH&MP personnel including annually commendatory awards and cash awards, aim to motivate and boost their morale.
He said performance of every technical officer would be reviewed in the next meeting and cash and commendatory certificates will be given to those who will perform good performance.
He said that administrative officers and staff making best arrangements with regard to Ramazan bazaars will be fully encouraged and awarded commendatory certificates.
Included are one epistolary novella, one commendatory poem, one comedy, one tragedy, and two commemorative poems.
DIG Investigation Sultan Ahmad Chaudhry has announced cash and commendatory certificates for the raiding team.