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The contingency is "real and significant" only if there is a high probability that total distributions under the annuity contract will increase commensurably with the longevity of the individual over whose life the distributions are to be made.
People's health-care needs increase with age, and the proportion of private and public expenditure required to meet them climbs commensurably.
The extensionality principle contends that when an animating power has been derived from an extended subject, it must commensurably inhere in that subject.
This, presumably, would mean that the pool of skilled labor would have been augmented commensurably and, therefore, that wages and living standards would have increased very rapidly, turning Mexico not only into the large market for capital and intermediate goods that it already is today, but into a large and significant consumer market as well.
Per share results decreased commensurably, as the number of shares outstanding remained virtually unchanged from the comparable period in 1997.
What's more, foundation costs were reduced commensurably, because less concrete was needed in the earthquake-resistive foundation.
From this shrine to the American adaptation of Surrealism, one can turn left into a cul-de-sac containing small, prewar canvases by early Modernists from Arthur Dove to Georgia O'Keeffe, with a wall of Edward Hopper in his vein of urban melancholy--or right into a vast open space filled with commensurably large and explosively vibrant paintings by the textbook heroes of the New York School.
Our ratings further reflect the expectation that the allowance for loan losses, the capital base and earnings performance will grow commensurably with the organization's rapid growth and changing risk profile.
Our first quarter cash flow and earnings per share results decreased commensurably with the absolute changes from the fourth quarter of 1996 after recognizing the 2 percent increase in the number of fully diluted shares outstanding due to the normal annual grant of stock options in January.
At the same time, we have expectations that WBST's allowance for loan losses, capital base, and earnings performance will increase commensurably with the organization's changing risk profile.
In addition, DCR expects that the allowance for loan losses and earnings performance will to grow commensurably with the organization's changing risk profile and overall rapid growth.
Site restoration expenses have not increased commensurably due to the sale of properties with high abandonment costs in 1996.