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What the people are waiting for is what positive action will be done aside from meting out the appropriate or commensurate punishment?
Level and scope of practice are commensurate with academic preparation.
Banks are supposed to set lending rates for certain borrowers by adding interest margins commensurate with potential credit costs -- stemming from the borrowers' possible inability to repay -- to their fund-raising costs such as the interest they pay to depositors.
If insurers expect producers to forgo heaped first-year commissions, they must be confident of a long-term financial reward commensurate with their contribution and commitment.
But this approach is refreshingly non-reductive, commensurate to the complexity of the knot of issues he explores here.
They have concluded that these rules should be modified to reduce the capital charges for certain asset sales with limited recourse to make those charges more commensurate with the contractual credit risk to which the selling organization is exposed.
to ensure that their prices are commensurate with the costs of the resources used in their production.
The New York real estate management industry needs minority representation that is commensurate with its population," said IREM Greater NY Chapter President James Heller, CPM[R].
We don't mean to personally disparage LaBonge or Smith, but feel duty- bound to note that they have been rewarded handsomely in tangible and other ways commensurate with their accomplishments.
170A-1(c)(5) states that "[t]ransfers of property to [a charitable organization] which bear a direct relationship to the taxpayer's trade or business and which are made with a reasonable expectation of financial return commensurate with the amount of the transfer may constitute allowable deductions as trade or business expenses rather than as charitable contributions.
Thus, it is especially important to assure that banks maintain capital at a level commensurate with their risk exposure both to loans they have sold into pools and to the pools they have acquired.
The Tax Reform Act of 1986 amended section 482 to require that consideration for intangible property transferred to related parties be commensurate with the income attributable to the intangible.