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Grading Qualities and (Un)settling Equivalences: Undocumented Migration, Commensuration, and Intrusive Phonosonics in the Indonesia-Malaysia Borderlands".
That's of course not to say that political economy is the only area where commensuration is studied--it occurs in many parts of the social sciences and humanities, and indeed in the 'hard' sciences too.
In this case, to commensurate is difficult, since multiple competing logics of general commensuration (or 'orders of worth') can be mobilised by agents to define the value of the environment.
While broadly consistent, these policy principles are sufficiently complex to create a broad field for debate among experts, trial-and-error experimentation in institutional design and normative negotiation, efforts at coherence or commensuration across different social fields, and so forth.
2011 Indian, Lesbian and What Came Next: Affect, Commensuration and Queer Emergences.
To offset the effects of inflation companies in both private and government sectors must grant annual salary increments to their employees in commensuration with the prevailing inflation rates.
amp; SGC'Y 535, 540 (2009) (discussing the establishment and stabilization of "equivalences" between different greenhouse gases as a critical prerequisite for economic valuation and the functioning of carbon markets); Peter Levin & Wendy Nelson Espeland, Pollution Futures: Commensuration, Commodification, and the Market for Air, in ORGANIZATIONS, POLICY, AND THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: INSTITUTIONAL AND STRATEGIC PERSPECTIVES (Andrew J.
The Secretary General OIC conveyed his heartfelt condolences and commensuration to the Prime Minister on the losses of lives and extensive damage to the properties and physical infrastructure caused by the floods and assured the Prime Minister that OIC will do whatever is possible to help Pakistan in this hour of need.
37) This process of commensuration robs those items of their nature as constitutive of the self, reducing them to sheer owned objects, amongst a wide set of other instrumental goods.