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business carried out by electronic means. Now the subject of European Union legislation in the desire for a harmonized market and to ensure the free movement of ‘information society services’ across the European Community. That includes control of the ‘establishment’ of service providers; the regulation of commercial communications; electronic contracts; the liability of intermediaries; codes of conduct; out-of-court dispute settlements; court actions; cooperation between Member States. The focus of the UK implementing legislation is on a commercial communication which is a communication, in any form, designed to promote, directly or indirectly, the goods, services or image of any person pursuing a commercial, industrial or craft activity or exercising a regulated profession, other than a communication.

A person providing an information society service is obliged to make available to the recipient of that service certain information. A service provider is under a duty to ensure that any commercial communications constituting or forming part of an information society service which he provides complies with certain requirements. A service provider is under a duty to ensure that any unsolicited commercial communication sent by him is clearly and unambiguously identifiable as such as soon as it is received and to provide certain information where contracts are concluded by electronic means unless parties who are not consumers have agreed otherwise. More practical substance appears in relation to DISTANCE SELLING. Special provisions have been made to facilitate certain aspects of e-commerce, see e.g. CONDUIT, CACHING, HOSTING.

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Now the NSF is walking away from the commercial Internet and back toward the cutting edge of research with its new network, aimed at attacking the biggest Internet challenge of building capacity.
A FEW BROKERAGE HOUSES offering direct dial--up connections also can be accessed through commercial Internet providers.
MX Logic tracked CAN-SPAM compliance by examining a random sample of unsolicited commercial Internet email each full week in February.
In addition, resulting new data will be shared with commercial network equipment makers and to the broader commercial Internet industry to fuel development of the next generation Internet architecture, services and applications.
Cox High Speed Internet is delivered via Cox's new self-managed Internet Protocol (IP) network, designed to support Cox's residential and commercial Internet customers and to provide the backbone for advanced revenue-generating services Cox will roll out in the future.
The Company launched its first deployment in Shenzhen over the hybrid fibre cable television network; the first launch of two-way commercial Internet access in China.
This new, browser-based, real-time solution provides high-performance, 24x7 commercial Internet banking and powerful customer relationship management tools - all in a single package.

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