commercial advantage

See: goodwill
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TELECOMWORLDWIRE-14 September 2007-Disposing of IT can be turned into a commercial advantage, Remploy e-cycle claims(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
For instance, in relation to the Cains transaction, the intention to supply Cains products in hundreds of pubs managed by Honeycombe Leisure is a clear commercial advantage.
Insureds do not seek to obtain a commercial advantage by purchasing disability coverage--they seek protection against calamity.
16 million because the company had failed to take adequate steps to make sure it did not gain an unfair commercial advantage in the newly-liberalised mail market.
The government alleged Interloc tried to develop a list of books, learn about competitors, and attain a commercial advantage.
Acterna Optical Network Management System (ONMS) offers network operators significant commercial advantage through increased productivity, reduced network down time and easier, faster network provisioning.
DeJean demonstrates how Moliere manipulated this new notion of the author to his commercial advantage, although at a personal cost, even as she analyzes Moliere's striking presentation and satire of the very grounds of censorship.
Incyte already has the business framework in place to take commercial advantage of the information.
Additionally, the Copyright Act provides that any person who willfully and for purposes of commercial advantage or private financial gain infringes on another's copyright can be fined up to $25,000, imprisoned up to one year, or both.
The idea, allege prosecutors, was to gain competitive commercial advantage for ALIBRIS/INTERLOC's own online book-selling business by compiling a database of dealers' purchases and analyzing the book- selling market.

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