commercial failure

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Penal and disproportionate excise increases have pushed the industry to the brink of commercial failure.
Despite its commercial failure, the DeLorean remains unforgotten in its role as the time machine in the blockbuster Back to the Future film series.
My first film, Luck By Chance, was a commercial failure [although it was praised by critics], then came ZindagiaACA* after which I was part of Bombay Talkies in 2013 with a lot of other directors," she says.
Since returning to the ground, after what was ultimately a commercial failure as a tenant of the Cardiff City stadium - with a PS1m cost to exit a lease with still 17 years to run in 2012 - the Blues have invested in the ground, including in a new artificial pitch at a cost of around PS400,000.
Financially, the commercial failure represented a major blow to a production that reportedly cost a heavy 15 million dollars, although some sources said it was higher.
The modernist designs of Boosbeck Industries furniture became iconic but sadly, the company was a commercial failure and few original examples exist today.
Boards, both private and public are littered with failed male executives who have presided over one dismal commercial failure after another but who rise like a phoenix to perch themselves in some other board room.
Following The Dominos break up, the commercial failure of the Layla album, which ironically later went on to become a massive hit, and his troubled heart, Eric sunk into three years of addiction.
This volume describes Cody's film career, which began with a Wild West performance for Thomas Edison's kinetoscope studio in 1894 and continued with a film biography, The Life of Buffalo Bill, starring Cody as himself, and the commercial failure The Indian Wars.
The commercial failure of previous album seems to have no negative influence on her finance.
Subsequently, payers and regulatory authorities raise the bar for approval and reimbursement even higher, and the risk of regulatory or commercial failure then increases.
Computer Space proved to be too far ahead of its time and was a commercial failure.

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