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Source BioScience as one of the leading commercial service providers of
As a commercial service provider, Raytheon will be able to use these indicators to protect the defense industrial base and other sectors of critical infrastructure.
UMTS-Based End-to-End Solution Provides Seamless Upgrade Path to LTE for Government and Commercial Service Providers
Mobile communications assignments are granted both to commercial service providers and private users.
The bill would include exceptions for legitimate national security emergencies and also would bar commercial service providers from sharing customers' geolocational information with outside entities without prior consent by customers.
The Technology Strategy Board is offering up to ten Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) feasibility contracts in the first stage of the project, each worth up to [pounds sterling]20,000, and is inviting designers, industry and commercial service providers to apply.
This bodes well for commercial service providers who are going to the MENA region in droves.
The pounds 30m investment in fibre cabling is designed to give competing commercial service providers the chance to supply world-class broadband services to local businesses at competitive market rates.
What we now know as the Internet existed mainly as a service for researchers, academics and businesses, and it would be four years before commercial service providers began offering Internet access directly to consumers.
Fibrespeed allows competing commercial service providers to supply high-speed broadband services to businesses in North Wales at very competitive market rates.
Digital Fuel is also realizing incremental growth with existing customers of its BSM software as these commercial service providers experience improvement in new business and the level of service they provide to their managed accounts.
It is really pleasing that it is in the North-East as there is a growing forensic presence in the region via strong academic and commercial service providers.

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