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MOJAVE - While entrepreneurs explore how to put ordinary folks into space, federal officials are pondering how to regulate the emerging commercial space industry.
The state's Highway to Space program will allocate grants of $100,000 to $200,000 from a pool of $1 million, aimed at bolstering California's competitiveness in the space industry by assisting commercial space projects.
La Puerta de Vitalidad, the first new rental facility in the neighborhood, which consists of 60 one-to-three bedroom apartments and two ground floor commercial spaces.
The retail and commercial space is to occupy the majority of the first, second and third floors.
The summit focused on commercial space operations, which are expected to grow from a $79 billion industry in 1997 to a $117 billion industry in 2001.
The architecture firm's designs, for developer CPC Resources, will bring 25 new artist loft residences and 10 ground-level retail and commercial spaces to four different sites in Peekskill's new downtown arts district.
These studies will better position the California site for FAA licensing,'' said Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford, who is also a board member of the Western Commercial Space Center.
The commercial space sales tax credit would make statewide a sales-tax exclusion that was granted to Vandenberg Air Force Base for commercial space operations sites.
Still, the laws of supply and demand could work for existing hotels, the same way that commercial space is suddenly in greater demand.
This is another fracturing of the state when it comes to commercial space.
HOUSTON -- SPACEHAB, Incorporated (NASDAQ:SPAB), a leading provider of commercial space services, announced today that it has consummated the sale of its space-related merchandise internet and retail entity, The Space Store.
Panoramic views and proximity to state courts will be among the key attractions of the 172,000 SF of leasable commercial space Forest City Ratner Companies plans to develop at the new MetroTech Center in Downtown Brooklyn.

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