commercial transaction

See: deal
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In a commercial transaction of the retail order much depends on the seller's engaging and amiable aspect.
That is the entire story--except that men's passions having subsided and reason having resumed its immemorial sway, it was confessed in Hillbrook that, considering the harmless and honorable character of his first commercial transaction under the new conditions, Silas Deemer, deceased, might properly have been suffered to resume business at the old stand without mobbing.
Right and Wrong had somehow been transformed into Gain and Loss, and Religion had become a sort of commercial transaction.
This thing of using the common beggar's trick and the common beggar's shibboleth to put you on your liberality when you were expecting a simple straightforward commercial transaction, adds a little to your prospering sense of irritation.
Your transaction with Robert Chiltern may pass as a loathsome commercial transaction of a loathsome commercial age; but you seem to have forgotten that you came here to- night to talk of love, you whose lips desecrated the word love, you to whom the thing is a book closely sealed, went this afternoon to the house of one of the most noble and gentle women in the world to degrade her husband in her eyes, to try and kill her love for him, to put poison in her heart, and bitterness in her life, to break her idol, and, it may be, spoil her soul.
Although Captain Wragge's inborn sense of order was in him -- as it is in others -- a sense too inveterately mechanical to exercise any elevating moral influence over his actions, it had produced its legitimate effect on his habits, and had reduced his rogueries as strictly to method and system as if they had been the commercial transactions of an honest man.
Thus while I tell the truth about loobies, my reader's imagination need not be entirely excluded from an occupation with lords; and the petty sums which any bankrupt of high standing would be sorry to retire upon, may be lifted to the level of high commercial transactions by the inexpensive addition of proportional ciphers.
This drawback, rather severely felt by most people who engaged in commercial transactions with the inhabitants of Bleeding Heart Yard, was a large stumbling-block in Mrs Plornish's trade.
In cases where the UCC contains reference to another telephone number or an entity such as banks, insurance companies, builders for which the commercial transaction has been solicited, telecom resources issued to the subscriber or entity for which commercial transaction has been solicited shall be disconnected across all service providers," Trai said.
In the event that a public authority delays payment related in a commercial transaction beyond the deadline set by law, it will have to pay statutory interest for late payment," Georgiou explained.
Nearly every commercial transaction involves at least one party (and often both) promising to refrain from undertaking an action or exercising a right.
Paying For It: A Guide By Sex Workers For Their Clients is basically an instruction manual for sex industry patrons to obtaining the most for the money in terms of quality and quantity--just as they would any other type of commercial transaction for any other type of product or service.

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