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Green Cross will be responsible for all development, regulatory and commercialization costs in Korea.
Challenging those who blame the commercialization of childhood solely on corporate peddlers of "disrespect, violence, crude sexuality, materialism, and unchained desire" (16), who manipulate insecure parents and exploit impressionable children, Cross looks at adults and their contradictory behavior and values.
In tandem with the name change, the NanoBusiness Commercialization Association has refined its mission, with a dedication to:
We now have a handle on how we think it should be done, and we're now being recognized as one of the leaders in the innovation and commercialization puzzle.
Sponsored by the Department of Defense (DoD), the CCAT program offers funding and business development support to small business entrepreneurs, government labs and academic researchers to speed commercialization of technologies needed by DoD and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
Canada spends millions on world-class research, but when it comes to competitiveness, it lacks taking that research through to commercialization.
The objective is to start the clinical program in patients with serious chest infections in 2002; -- a research collaboration with Serono SA (Geneva, Switzerland) to identify new treatments for serious inflammatory diseases, particularly multiple sclerosis; and -- an exclusive option to take up European development and commercialization rights over MethylGene's cancer research program in small molecule inhibitors of DNA methyltransferase.
With this agreement, we have successfully granted FACTIVE commercialization rights in all of our licensed territories to leading pharmaceutical companies - a key step in building FACTIVE as a global brand," stated Steven M.
headquartered in Horsham, is a development-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the research, development and commercialization of novel and unique medications to prevent and treat cancer.
As part of the North American agreement, Genentech will make a $15 million upfront payment to Altus with the potential for Altus to receive additional payments of approximately $140 million based upon the successful completion of certain development and commercialization milestones.
GENESIS Pharma will fully fund all commercialization activities and certain post-marketing studies.