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Facial expression, especially joy or sadness, can be seen and enjoyed or commiserated with.
A bitter row over the new school's name was forgotten today as pupils commiserated and celebrated with each other.
Thanks to those of you who have commiserated with me over my revelation last week that the place where I live could soon be home to the UK's biggest distribution centre.
Over the next few days, Coral revealed her secret to a girlfriend, who commiserated with her, but no one else.
On a campaign swing through southern Wisconsin, John Kerry commiserated with the locals about the state's "hard-hit" economy, promising that he would pursue policies to bolster manufacturing.
7 million last year if I'm not mistaken, but he commiserated with his staff and said his salary hadn't been paid either.
But as a child of war growing up in Tehran, Iran, Soleim said, she commiserated with the Iraqis' suffering during the conflict.
You remember: That's where Kevin Costner and Shoeless Joe Jackson commiserated in a cornfield that turned into a baseball field in the movie also titled "Field of Dreams.
Elin Jones, AM for Ceredigion, then commiserated with her colleague.
He pointed to his swollen ankle and infected finger, and we commiserated over our various injuries.
While they commiserated, they told him he would have to "prove he didn't own the building.
I understood and respected his position and commiserated with the difficulty of his situation, especially as he rejected interviewers' persistent attempts to link him to Republican criticisms and objectives.