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A NORTH Wales man yesterday revealed he was fed up with people commiserating over his coming second in an Eisteddfod contest when he actually won.
For those celebrating or commiserating on results day, Batley Frontier Club has something special lined up.
Soon cable will have a reality show about the backstage bickering of fourth- and fifth-grade contestants, or popular TV stars will compete in a "Celebrity Spelling" show, with losers commiserating about the homonyms or prefixes that tripped them up.
Les - whose ex-wife Amanda Holden cheated on him and who has just broken up with his new girlfriend - has spent hours on the phone commiserating with Bobby.
POLICE are warning pub licensees and off-licence staff to be on the lookout for under-age drinkers celebrating or commiserating their GCSE results.
Jed and the girl, Laura, meet several times, commiserating in their misery over this unwanted knowledge and learning more about each other's lives.
Now comes the twist: instead of expressing surprise or commiserating with them in their loss, the stranger instead began to expound the messianic gospel in the Hebrew scriptures from Moses through the prophets.
As for the future, ecologists could find themselves commiserating with physicists over a research paradox.
The campaign's first national television advertisement, entitled "Food Court," showcases the four "Sales Guys" on their lunch break commiserating about the impact of "My Circle," and concluding that they must to do something to "stop it.
He called Broderick his new "guru" while devoting most of his talk to the sea change that is set to occur and commiserating with the cinematographer purists in the audience.
Commiserating over cocktails, the two fall into bed.
Across the world, friends are calling friends and message boards are becoming crowded with Potter fanatics comparing notes and, in some cases, commiserating.