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Tupman, with an air of gentle commiseration, as if animal spirits were contraband, and their possession without a permit a high crime and misdemeanour.
Master sounds unfeeling, mim,' said Miggs, in a tone of commiseration, 'but such is not his intentions, I'm sure.
Whether from commiseration for a woman of so miserable a destiny; or from the morbid curiosity that gives a fictitious value even to common or worthless things; or by whatever other intangible circumstance was then, as now, sufficient to bestow, on some persons, what others might seek in vain; or because Hester really filled a gap which must otherwise have remained vacant; it is certain that she had ready and fairly equited employment for as many hours as she saw fit to occupy with her needle.
Tom in various ways manifested a tenderness of feeling, a commiseration for his fellow-sufferers, strange and new to them, which was watched with a jealous eye by Legree.
It has inspired me with great commiseration, and I hope I understand it and its influences.
Even the common people, the severest critics of the conduct of their betters, had commiseration with the follies of Prior Aymer.
On his quitting the room she sat down, unable to support herself, and looking so miserably ill, that it was impossible for Darcy to leave her, or to refrain from saying, in a tone of gentleness and commiseration, "Let me call your maid.
Chief Minister also visited District Hospital, expressed commiseration over lack of basic facilities including sanitation and medical care.
Ajimobi's commiseration contained in a statement by his Special Adviser on Communication and Strategy, Mr Yomi Layinka, further held that the demise of Olori Kudirat was unfortunate and disheartening.
Vivian argued that his statements to family members in the ICU room were inadmissible under the state's apology law because they were "intended to express commiseration, condolence, or sympathy.
It seems that he is very much in need of our prayers and commiseration.
THE Duchess of Cambridge was left high and dry when she lost a river boat race against her husband - but was given a large beer in commiseration.