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A person charged with the management or direction of a board, a court, or a government agency.

A commissioner has the power and responsibility to administer laws or rules that relate to a specific subject matter over which he or she has authority. Generally, he or she is appointed specially, as in the case of a commissioner of court.

See: caretaker, deputy, functionary, incumbent


2 a lawyer in Scotland appointed to take evidence out of court.

COMMISSIONER, officer. One who has a lawful commission to execute a public office. In a more restricted sense it is one who is authorized to execute. a particular duty, as, commissioner of the revenue, canal commissioner. The term when used in this latter sense is not applied, for example, to a judge. There are commissioners, too, who have no regular commissions and derive their author from the elections held by the people. County commissioners, in Pennsylvania, are officers of the latter kind.

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Early in his commissionership, Chandler had liberally granted interviews, but he became wary of the press after sportswriters harshly criticized some of his early decisions and statements.
Honorable John Koang Nyuon, the care-taker governor of Jonglei State to relieve Honorable Timothy Taban Joch from Akobo County Commissionership effective and back-dated April 2014 or from the date of his appointment as Akobo Commissioner for accepting the post cheating residents of Akobo County and Jonglei Government," it added.
Sy shared that the possibility of the seven teams excusing themselves from playing was initially discussed when the status of Narvasa's commissionership first came up.
The remaining four candidates for the PBA commissionership will be given an opportunity to present their plans and programs to the league's Board of Governors today at the PBA Commissioner's Office in Libis, Quezon City.
But, unfortunately all of us tend to view a politics as the only way of survival, whereas you find almost a quarter of state youth aspiring for scarce constitutional posts such as commissionership and state ministerial positions," he added.
High Commissionership for Refugees said it was starting to prepare for an influx of as many as 30,000 new refugees before the end of the year due to the escalating conflict in Sudan's Blue Nile and South Kordofan.
The shortlisting brings to an end the police commissionership hopes of Newcastle councillor Sue Pearson, as well as Gateshead housing boss Paul Tinnion and former North Tyneside elected mayor John Harrison.
Mr McCreevy, who will take up Ireland's European Commissionership in September, said he was under no pressure to move to Brussels.
Meanwhile, Narvasa has the support of five teams - San Miguel, Ginebra, Star, GlobalPort, and Kia, with all five conjuring a statement saying that the move to take him out of his commissionership is unlawful based on PBA by-laws.
For instance, some of the teachers were arrested and detained for a very long time without charges last year (2012) on the ground that they had criticized the commissioner for his weak and corrupt policies and also some had shown interests in standing for commissionership.
He went on saying that "the decision of extradition is a blatant violation of Tunisia's international and UN commitments especially as the UN high commissionership for refugees had asked Tunisian authorities not to handover Mahmoudi until a ruling is made on his asylum request in compliance with the Geneva convention of 1951".
IN THE RUNNING Former MP Vera Baird has put her hat in the ring for the commissionership

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