commit perjury

See: falsify, lie
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Leila de Lima has proposed a law that would increase penalties against government officials and workers who lie under oath and punish those who force other persons to commit perjury.
it would appear that he did commit perjury during his Senate confirmation hearings in January when he told Franken the following: "I am not aware of any of those activities.
People who commit perjury to avoid punishment before the courts bring the whole system of justice into disrepute.
TOMMY SHERIDAN has been acquitted of trying to persuade a witness to commit perjury shortly before his defamation case, after prosecutors dropped the charge.
Mr Sheridan also denies trying to persuade a pal to commit perjury by claiming Ms Scott's notes were wrong.
A 51-YEAR-OLD Lanrnaca lawyer has been charged with inciting a witness to commit perjury and intervening with justice during the trial of man who sexually abused his two daughters.
A year ago, the defense asked for dismissal of the case, accusing the prosecution of withholding evidence and of allowing its star witness, Khouj, to commit perjury and obstruct justice.
It's difficult for Brandon to live with his conscience with the thought of having to commit perjury for the second time in order to defend Garry in court.
An ethics opinion to guide criminal defense lawyers when their clients express an intent to commit perjury has been approved by the Bar Board of Governors.
Estrada's lawyers said at the pre-trial proceedings that Estrada did not commit perjury.
Liddy, Ortiz and Harper were charged April 25 - two days before the statute of limitations expired - with conspiracy to file a false report and to commit perjury to convict a gang member on a weapons charge.
They do not, or should not, consider themselves at liberty to (for example) commit perjury or bribe judges just because ethics seems somehow smaller and less important than justice.