commit to writing

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In that case, supposing Miss Fairlie ultimately decided on holding to her engagement, my necessary personal communication with her, before I drew her settlement, would become something like a downright impossibility, and we should be obliged to commit to writing questions which ought always to be discussed on both sides by word of mouth.
The scholarship is open only to a member of staff of a racing industry-related charity or anyone interested in working for a racing charity who will commit to writing their final dissertation on a topic of direct relevance to racing charities or undertake a work-based placement at a racing charity.
I will be able to commit to writing some nutritious recipes which families can then be taught how to cook - food poverty is a huge concern in the UK and it's something we must all try and address.
The argument here is less about reading the death of the author than it is about what it means to commit to writing at a time when authorial death has become a critical commonplace, something that remains in the back of the writer's mind at all times.
On behalf of Joanna, Shona, Irene & Rob, thank you to the members and interested readers who provide feed-back regarding the journal's content, and a very special thank you to the Perioperative Nurses who commit to writing articles for the journal.
Few executives have the time to commit to writing a book; it could even seem to be an indulgence for a corporate leader who is running a company.
The message that is almost certainly going through every major power is: be careful what you commit to writing.
ITER has some major opponents at a practical level, with the Germans unwilling to commit to writing a blank check for the project.
In it, the members of the LLC can commit to writing up front the way they want to run their business and share its success.
Form a local working group with other citizens who want to advocate for your issue and are willing to commit to writing op-eds and letters to the editor in a collaborative manner.
Obviously I can't say too much on this as, dare I suggest, most of us come out with things that we would never commit to writing.