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Novatian is in the fold of orthodox theology by using the terms "spirit" and "body" as metaphysically dichotomous, and his signifying God as Spirit excludes Him from possessing any material form or cause: "For he is simple and without any corporeal commixture, being wholly of that essence, whatever it be, which He alone knows constitutes His being, since He is called Spirit" (309).
Emphasizing the fusion of "secular and sacred" (411) in the confraternities' commixture of civic, social, religious, and ecclesiastical elements, he finds evidence of increasing religious aspiration among the laity, rather than a form of laicization often mistaken for Renaissance secularity.
Hitachi can look at performance environmental information in a distinctive way by virtue of its unique ability to separate the controller from the back-end disks; others look at these environmentals from within the controller-disk commixture," said Tom Trainer, senior analyst, Evaluator Group.