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For virtually each generation, the hotel has helped advance new ideas in design expression; in the planning of complex spatial relationships; in the efficient organization of numerous, often divergent functions; in standards of commodiousness and luxury; and in the sophisticated plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems that enable such attributes to be manifest.
There has been in American culture, despite horrific evidences of the contrary, a continuing affirmation both of cultural and religious particularity and of the general commodiousness of the whole to house diversity.
The company history also quoted from an 1883 article in "Historical Sketches of the Growth and Progress of the 'City of Roses"' that said of the dry goods and mercantile stores in town: "We assert with confidence, from general and statistical figures that none occupy a more prominent position with reference to the amount of stock carried, extent of business transacted, convenience and commodiousness of premises occupied, and none superior in the high standard of commercial honor upon which its operations are based, than the establishment founded by Mr.