common ancestry

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Aslan shares a common ancestry with Joey and we are developing the relationship between the three puppeteers like we did in War Horse.
Genetic analysis has identified common ancestry with many European breeds, notably the Merino and Texel.
Our data suggests common ancestry between the native Welsh and various European breeds.
Common ancestry, religion, origins, language are not enough.
This shared rhythm taps into the sense of common ancestry suggested by Dawood's blue-skinned astronauts.
The Speaker said that the eight nations of South Asia were inter-woven in a fine tapestry of common ancestry, joint heritage, similar cultures and inter-linking dialects.
What the DNA evidence shows for Europeans' common ancestry is bound to be true in other groups of people too, he says.
There are also notes from the famous Beagle voyage, and the earliest manuscripts outlining his theories, which scandalised Victorians by suggesting animals and humans had a common ancestry.
Students will learn about evidence of common ancestry and diversity, natural selection, adaptation, and biodiversity in humans.
Quite a lot of people only want to research the male line, but I have discovered common ancestry with quite a few interesting people centuries ago through looking at the lineage of my female ancestors - the wives in each generation.

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