common denominator

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Just like other forms of nationalism, Kurdish nationalism places emphasis on differences rather than on common denominators.
And through The End I've created a small niche for that kind of music in London and those lowest common denominator Djs don't get asked to play at The End But Mr C is clear about certain definitions and refuses to call what he does underground.
Common denominators happen both intentionally and by accident.
But the common denominator of conservatism, the introductory statement says, is the refusal of statism: "The state has become the great, the unique, spiritual authority.
A few are reducible to a kind of Urban Outfitters common denominator or a rainy-day project dreamed up by bored reality-TV housemates.
The shopworn display pieces of noted Russian ballet teachers--Diane et Actaeon (1935) by Agrippina Vaganova and Victor Gzovsky's Grand Pas Classique (1949)--were reminiscent of the Soviet-style "art for the masses" goal of aiming for the lowest common denominator with flashy tricks in a politically correct context.
Psychologist Roy Wise of Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, says the results confirm his theory that dopamine is the common denominator of drug addiction.
The challenge of communism has been a common denominator in the current fraticide on the right and in the birth of ADA out of a postwar liberal schism over the Soviet Union and its domestic symphatizers.
From the Bay Area comes the voice of the lowest common denominator, the common man, the alcohol-induced, skateboard-fueled adventures of a band of ne'er-do-well rapscallion scallywags as they shred the rad and cause trouble.
Erco, the innovative German lighting company, was determined that its production complex should rise above such lowest common denominator thinking and commissioned the Frankfurt-based partnership of Schneider + Schumacher to design a new warehouse to augment its two existing production buildings.

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