common descent

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Tribu" were possibly gentile groups, united by common descent, and included individuals connected by marriage.
Sparsit was a Powler, or that I myself am related to the Scadgers family; or if I could even revoke the fact, and make myself a person of common descent and ordinary connexions; I would gladly do so.
common descent and gradual mutability of phenotypes) rather than the mechanism of organic evolution he proposed in the Origin (natural selection).
But my central argument is that, after Darwin, the man-eating plant comes to embody the uncomfortable truth that is universal common descent, and provokes not the scandal of contemplating that one's grandfather was a monkey, but the far greater scandal of contemplating that one's great-grandfather was more like some kind of shrub.
Modern molecular biology, the author notes, has shown that the amino acid sequences of proteins of many kinds of creatures can be ordered in a tree-like fashion, reminiscent of the diagram of common descent that was the only figure in On the Origin of Species.
A section on evidence for common descent as the explanation for the currently observed biodiversity is given as an alternative to the propositions of ID.
He is also unique in the intelligent design community in that that he accepts common descent.
Evolution by common descent quickly gained acceptance, but sexual selection by female choice faced significant skepticism and remained a discredited area of research on the fringe of evolutionary biology until the late 1970s, when it finally received its due as an important mechanism for species formation.
The underlying logic of such theorising was that nations were organic communities bound together through feelings of affection and solidarity deriving from a sense of common descent and culture.
Both of her parents share a common descent from Robert II, Bruce's grandson.
While forming his theory of common descent, Charles Darwin peered beyond his observations of ants, barnacles and blue-footed boobies to try to comprehend a broader subject: human slavery.
In the book they have claimed that one of the reasons that Darwin chose to highlight the common descent of man from apes, was to show that all races were equal.

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